Boujmaa Guilloul

Dive into a unique windsurf experience with Boujmaa Guilloul in Morocco, to push your limits to the next level and discover the best windsurf spots of Morocco.

Boujmaa Guilloul is a Moroccan windsurfing athlete who has gained international fame in the sport

of windsurfing. Born on the 9th of November 1984, in Essaouira and raised in Morocco, Boujmaa was

destined to be saved by the ocean and fall in love with it. More than 22 years have been spent on the

shores of Essaouira and its area. Currently a professional windsurfer, surf lover and progressive

Wing surfer, living in Morocco and pushing the limits of his sports. He has developed a unique style that helped him standout within the international windsurfing scene, made himself a name and managed to win the most prestigious event of windsurfing, The Aloha Classic Hawaii in 2014.

Boujmaa has been offering rental, clinics and courses since 2015 at his Boujxsports center in Moulay Bouzerktoun and also opening a new center in Sidi Kaouki and offering services in Essaouira Morocco.